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NAACP Legal Defense & Educational
Fund 2016 Election Survey

What's the State of Your Vote?

We're polling our top supporters to find out what you think about America's most pressing civil rights challenges. Answer these 5 questions and help push our democracy forward before Election Day.

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The Voting Rights Act of 1965 was weakened when a key section that protected people of color from disenfranchisement was removed.

1. Do you think this action has had a negative effect on Black and Latino voters?

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Is the estimated cost of
a voter ID in Texas.

2. Do you think eligible, registered voters should have to pay for additional identification?

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Black teens are 21x more likely to be killed by police than their white counterparts.

3. Do you believe we need to hold law enforcement accountable for race based police violence?

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More is spent on a white student than every non-white student in schools across America.

4. Do you believe all children deserve an equal education?

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This is an historic election year. With it comes a critical opportunity to focus on protecting and advancing equality for all Americans.

5. Do you think the strongest way to push our democracy forward is at the ballot box?